8 Tips to Design SEO Friendly Website

Websites we create do not look the same to us, as they appear to search engines. The content we create that may be great and useful for us, but that might be useless or not even comprehensive for a search engine.

Here We are sharing some Tips that Might Help to design SEO friendly website

Create content that is Indexable

Tip 1

Write Content for website which are SEO friendly so that google spider can index it easily.

Title tags

Tip 2

A title tag is the most important things you give to a search engine spider and its algorithm. It must be a concise and exact description of the website and the content that user wish to find.

Meta tags

Tip 3

Meta tags provide descriptions, instructions and information to search engines and a entire host of other clients regarding a webpage. They are part of the HTML or XHTML code of a website and the head section

Spider tags

Tip 4

The robots meta tag can be used to create effect on the activity of search engine spiders on a page-to- page basis. Index/noindex will inform the search engine whether or not to index a certain page.

Meta  Description

Tip 5

This is a short description of your web page that lets a search engine know what the page is about and it will, some times, appears as a snippet below your site title on a search engine’s results page. Keywords found in the metadata will usually not influence rankings.

No follow links

Tip 6

It is good to have a diverse link profile of backlinks that is created by follow links and nofollow links both.

Keyword usage

Tip 7

Keywords are probably the most important factor when we perform search activity. Keywords are the base element of any query, and indexing and retrieval of information from the search engines would be impossible without them.

URL structures

Tip 7

URL can be used effectively for websites rankings in many ways and the way users experience a website and use it. But it has seen that it is not important anymore. By looking at the URL structure, user can guess accurately what content they are looking for on your website.

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