Tips to Improve Google Ranking of Your Website.

Google ranking is the key factor in SEO. In order to produce search engine rankings Google uses almost 200 factors in its algorithm and among these, some of these have been publicly revealed by Google itself.

However, to get better rankings Google offers some tools, guidelines, and resources to assist webmasters.

SEO professionals who have sound knowledge about search engines also have their own experiences, understandings, observations and opinions about the working structure of Google ranking system, along with the official Google guidelines and documentation.

What Affects Google Rankings?

Tips to Improve Google Ranking of Your Website

Search engine rankings mainly depends upon three major factors.

These factors are

° Usability of the website
° User experience on the website
° Actual content of the website

Let’s get started with the user experience and usability of a website as they are Interrelated to each other.

Usability and User Experience

Use of site links structure, and the keywords, usability and user experience of the website can affect the googles understanding, which is received by Google by analyzing the websites user behavior and how user interact with the website, what value does your website providing to the user and the way links have been created and understanding of its own algorithm.

When the user use the website and find it is valuable, and also its usability and user experience makes the website authentic and trusted and became popular for users, then there comes Google major task, it picks this information of user behavior and provides ranking to the website.

This is also called indirect influence, where a third party’s experience of site A is influencing the response of site B towards it.

In order to get your website noticed by the search engine and influence their rankings better, you need to construct your website as the user’s mindset that means you have to keep yourself on users place and design your website with some user perspective, and also keeping in mind that what it would be feeling when they visit your website and what you would want frome it if you were on a user’s place.

And if your website has content and structure that promotes sharing, quality bookmarks and makes users forced to come back on your website and provide backlinks among other certain indications.

Content is the King !

All we know that content is the king.
Content is the bread and butter of a website and all that a site is in main ingredient.

You have to be careful about great creative and thoroughly researched content that is also offered in simple and effective ways.

Let us learn how Google look at your content.

During birth of search engines and rise of Google age, it took a very less time to understand that how much quality websites are there and how they were linked to other sites or in what references the users could link to them.

The accuracy and how useful a site is measured by statistics and analytics data, it has always been a part of Googles algorithm and they are very complex to understand.

So eventually the goal is the same, your website need to have a very unique content that provides value to the user and earning links, Google itself gives you a better ranking in the search result page.

The engagement metrics is the next important indicator and mechanism of Google to judge the content.

Whenever the user search the query on Google and simultaneously navigate through the search result page, during this time Google is busy analyzing the user behavior and use that data to construct the engagement metrics.

Google have huge collection of data about how users engage with the websites.

For example if you search a query about something and in the search result page you click on the first page and then back on to the result page, this entire activity has been stored by the Google.

Google never want their user’s get unsatisfied while using it.

So be careful about the content, if your content not fulfilling the need of the user, then in the eyes of Google you have been made the undeserving one with poor results and in return, Google brings you in the lower rankings.

Google introduced Panda update in 2001 and then they changed the mechanism and the science of their algorithms in a very basic way, so that the websites, which ranked higher, were ranked lower in a short period of time and on the other side website which had not even introduced to the first page, were managing higher ranking positions on the search result page.

For the sake of user experience and usability and likeability of the website Google started to use the machine learning and artificial intelligence to judge the human instincts of the website.

This new update panda have more intelligence and it can make number of decisions that mainly associated with humans.

The Panda update developed the ranking system more user centric and changed the way of its ranking system, the ranking system is now completely based upon the user experience rather than search engines decision as it was before.

Nowadays, SEO enthusiasts needs to have more knowledge about such technicalities of the search engine because the changing environment and the science behind the search engines are evolving.

From the users perspective it is more formularized, mechanical and irrelevant and this should be cherished because the entire SEO affair is humanized.

Tips for improving Google Ranking

Tips to Improve Google Ranking of Your Website

SEO for Google ranking is an interesting work because one need to think over 200 factors to optimize the website.

There are mainly two things to think about, one is think about the changes after the rise of panda update and second is don’t try to know more or care about 200 factors to grow in the Google rankings.

There is no need to explain that some of the variables are crucial than the others.

It is always better to follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by the Google, it would best for your website’s SEO health.

There are many tips to get rankings but before we jump on these tips, we should always try to attempt higher rankings and we should make it a fundamental task.

As we already discussed that ‘content is king’ so keeping in mind that we should always provide quality content and that must create value for the users. Try to be creative more often.

1. Use Main Keyword in Title Tag

Try to keep your main keyword at the beginning of your title tags because Google is more concerned about it.

For example,

Suppose you could choose between two title tags:

Google ranking is the key factor in SEO. In order to produce search engine rankings Google uses almost 200 factors in its algorithm revealed by Google.


Google uses almost 200 factors in its algorithm revealed by Google, in order to improve google rankings.

Which one would you prefer as a webmaster?

Google always inclined towards the first example because it begins with a main keyword, i.e. google ranking.

2. Lengthy Content.

Google always prefer the content which is lengthy than the short content on your blogpost.

Many researchers found that Google mostly prefers the pages that contains more than1500 word characters over a shorter content.

3. Page Loading Speed

One more important factor is page loading speed because Google prefers the pages that loads faster, so page loading speed is crucial.

This is one the most important factor in the ranking signals that has been introduced by Google.

Google always supports responsive websites over separate website for mobiles.

Google prefers websites that are designed as per the user’s device and loads fastly, as per the statistics more than 50 % of the internets traffic generated from the mobile devices.

Google pays more attention to link relavency.

If your page has the inbound or outbound link which will helps the users to explore the more information but keep in mind that link must be relevant to the content or category of the website.

Link relevancy is taken as a form of creating value and trust, so as discussed before try to link other websites which is related to the same topic as your own website.

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