Influencer Marketing in 2022. Become a Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing in 2020 is a new way of marketing nowadays. Companies and top brands are now looking for social media influencers for marketing and advertising purposes. So the digital marketing companies are always in search of top influencers in India.

According to the World Economic Forum, the Indian consumer market is the second largest in the world.

The market is currently worth 1.5 trillion; which is estimated to be 6 trillion over the next ten years that mean in 2030.

Some new players have now entered in this fast-growing Indian market. They have revolutionized the traditional methods of branding, advertising and marketing. These players are called social media influencers!

Influencer marketing in 2020
Influencer marketing in 2020

Top Influencers in India

A large community has developed around the world influencing different types of consumers through social media.

There are two main types. An influencer that has established itself as a celebrity in other mediums. E.g. Movie, TV, OTT, sports.

The large amount of followers base of these celebrities who have achieved success in the field of social media is incredibly huge. Therefore, the number of people affected by them is also large.

Influencer marketing in 2020
Influencer marketing in 2020

Social Media Influencers

The second type is that of ordinary people; Who are now known as social media stars or celebrities. I.e. a community of common people.

Those who come to social media for various reasons, start posting their own videos and gradually build their own huge follower base.

These worlds of celebrities are the real social media influencers. The marketing and branding that is done through these influencers is called influencers marketing.

The reason for saying all this in so much detail is that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or the Tiktok which is now banned in india. There is a different world of millions of followers on each of these platforms.

Please make this as a note

Social media platforms are not just to pass the time or to make fun of each other. It can be a great way to start a business. Just coming on social media today and getting paid tomorrow is not an easy task.

I mean, anyone can be You-Tubers, but not everyone will be an influencer.

These are called influencers because they create a trust in their followers. A bonding is created. These social media influencers have a huge impact on consumers. This new industry has emerged from the trust of influencers and consumers.

Now understand the micro-celebrities, human branding and the relationship between them.

The relationship between content and human brands, The Internet has provided an open platform for people to express themselves. Democratized the media.

If you have the talent to say something different, have the confidence to say it, show it, you can easily create your space through social media. Today there is no need to depend on anyone else for that.

You need to be able to provide simple, easy and appealing content. Many social media influencers create such content; As a result, ads and bands are automatically turned to these influencers.

Influencer marketing in 2020
Influencer marketing in 2020

Influencer Marketing

Another important point is that these influencers can be used for geotargeting. This means that if you want to advertise a brand only in Nagpur, you can work with the influencers who are more influential there.

Because of this, if the brand has a budget of Rs. 6 lakhs, then the brand spends on 20 social media influencer celebrities rather than one person. It also benefits those celebrities, as it is more profitable to reach out to the customers directly.

Now how this branding works, the way of banding is direct or silent method. In direct method, the creators work on the brand content by creating concepts and in silent method, they do not create a separate brand content. Somewhere in their usual creativity there is brand content.

‘It is also interesting to understand what determines social media influencers in India. It is determined by the popularity of the person, the followers, the number of customers.

Influencers in india

 “Influencers also have variants.

Mega Influencers (10 lakh + followers),

Macro Influencers (1 lakh to 10 lakh followers,

Micro Influencers (10 thousand to 1 lakh followers) and

Nano Influencers (1 thousand to 10 thousand followers)

have A, B, C, D categories. Which depends on the social media platform.

In general, established celebrities are mega influencers have more followers; But macro, micro and nano influencers have the ability to keep the audience hooked.

So they are also very important in terms of brand. Because the longer the audience stays engaged, the more inclined they are to decide whether or not to buy something. ‘

The customer always wants a reliable source. If it is obtained through influencers, then it is a comfort zone for the customer. That is why influencers have gained special importance in the last few years and in the years to come.

Social media platforms are no longer just a means to pass the time, to make fun of each other. It can be a great way to start a business. Just coming on social media today and getting paid tomorrow doesn’t happen.

Consistently, keep giving interesting or useful content to people.

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