How to Find Your Social Media Target Audience.

What is Target Audience?

Social media target audience can be defined as, The group of people on social media who may have interest in your business and can be a potential customer for you.

Your ultimate goal is to make a relation with them, because they are are most likely to become your business customers in the near future.

In order to scale your business, It is not enough to increase your followers, you have to be constantly active on social media, if your purpose of being on social media is marketing your business.

Off course, it will gain you popularity, but what is exact use of that if nobody is interested in your products and services of your business, if you are not engaging on social media, they will not prefer you or not buy from you.

When you are planning social media strategy, you have to define your target audience that is the most important task.

To define your target audience, you have to check the the following points :

• What is my product or service?
• Who is it for?
• Who will find it useful?
• Who will buy from me?
• Who will be interested in my business?
• Who were my clients in the past?

This entire questionnaire will help you to find the appropriate audience or prospect consumer to whom you want to reach.

To be successful in your social media marketing strategy, you will have to answer the questions in a very specific manner.

Don’t try to reach everyone, because everyone is not your prospect customer, you have to be focused to reach out to the target audience.

If your target audience is a specific group,
i.e. female 18+ age groups, or Male 30+ age group. etc. You have to use the appropriate language and and interests for your reach.

This is the way to reach your target audience that may pay more attention and audience can connect with you.

Just take a example, if you are in a health care industry and your product is protein powder and consumers are body builder, you should always post or status updates keeping in mind of those people, do not post irrelevant images or blogs it will a useless nothing more than that.

If you are doing this, then change your mind immediately, because you might lose your current followers, or might your followers live you.

During creating content think about your target audience group, for a particular product if your prospects are the group of youngsters having age group 25, you need to create content that will be relatable to this group.

Meanwhile , you want to make a connection between this group and your business.

This means that even though it seems, you might be talking about gyming, as men over 30 + age can relate to that, it actually has nothing to do with it.

Learn About Target Audience

How to Find Your Social Media Target Audience
How to Find Your Social Media Target Audience

Use social media audience insights to find target audience

You can use audience insights which are present in social media networks to determine your target audience that is specifically based on your business and your products or services, also there is one more thing that is a group of people who follow your social media channels or alike audiences.

If you are looking for such kind of insightful data, you can get it from Facebook and Google Ads. Not every social media platform offer such data.

If you want to understand your target audience on the basis of location or gender-wise or age-wise, it can be very helpful for these specific purposes.

Use URL shortening services to track social media target audience

For the local businesses they require geographic location data, for this need to use URL shorter, as this can provide such information

URL shortener services helps you to get other information, the location wise data is the most relevant, when it comes to target specific audience you can track using one of these services.

Analyze the sales data

Next process of basic understanding your target audience by analyzing the sales


You have to collect the sales data of your business and about your target audience, that will be the best way to define your approach on social media.

It is not mean that your current buyers are the same that follow you on social media.

However, if you find such kind of differences, you have to search for the reason.

Compare your audience

Who should be your social media target audience you are going to connect with, that must be researched before you begin social media marketing strategy.

That basically means that you have to decide the certain group of people you want to follow you on social media platforms.

Certainly, such speculation is based on the facts and experience in running a business, and also critical thinking. For instance, if you are doing business of women’s cosmetics, it is very obvious that your is women of certain age groups.

When you begin your social media marketing strategy and you able to understand the results which you are getting, you can differentiate and compare the results or your group of target audience which you have planned for social media marketing to the other group who follow you on social media.

These groups will tally, and then you will sure that you are making connections with the people who are might become your customers eventually, then you can assure that your social media marketing strategy was well turned.

Such a way you can make social media marketing strategy will be effective and productive, also most likely bring profits to your business.

If there is any differences or things may have not worked between these two groups, then there can be two possibilities.

First is, your assumptions might have been wrong, when you were deciding your target audience.

Second is, the people who you are are attracting did not intended to target by your social media activity.

If such things happen because of wrong social media strategy approaches or may be the illegitimately buying followers.

In either cases, you are wasting your time, money and efforts, eventually you will not get success in your social media strategy and will not produce effective results for sure.

If this occurs, you have to make sure to improve your social media marketing strategy and acquire more effective strategies to build your business.

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