Best SEO Techniques in 2022. SEO Tips for Websites.

SEO is the most important part when it comes to Digital Marketing, Here we explain Best SEO Techniques for them who started blogging or website building in 2020. Search engine optimization involves both complex and simple methods.

In complex method it involves understanding of algorithms and the structure of internet.

In simple method it is easy to understand and use. Which can be used by anybody.

Before we jump to the next part we need to understand that SEO is a part of SEM, i.e Search engine marketing, which includes both SEO and paid ads, SEO is a organic or natural traffic and also paid advertising to increase the visibility of websites on the internet.

Whatever may be methods but the ultimate goal is the same, but can use different techniques to achieve the goal.

Best SEO Techniques in 2020

SEO Basically Consists of 3 Different Techniques.




All of these are inseparable form of search engine optimization. Whereas as only difference is where you implement these SEO techniques.

1) Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes following key points.





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2) On-Page SEO

On page SEO includes following key points.








On page SEO includes optimization of elements on the page itself, that means optimizing a website according to the SEO guidelines or search engines guidelines.

3) Off- Page SEO

Whereas , Off-page SEO needs usage of different techniques for the optimizing a website using another elements, which mostly includes link building and improving the reputation of your website.

SEO techniques are differentiate in many ways, but one part is of a authentic or as per procedure by nature.

And that is of blackhat SEO versus whitehat SEO with greyhat SEO being a no-man’s land of sorts between the two.

Blackhat SEO includes techniques that are not validated by search engines and in some part, it is not acceptable, it can be resulted into a website may be penalized, which ultimately means the website can lose its ranking or can be removed permanently from the search engines.

They all have one thing in common, which is the fact that they revolve around deceiving or tricking the search engine and its algorithms for getting higher rankings and better results for the website.

That are not focused on better content creation and improving a better user base or content readers.

Only goal for them is to getting on the top of search engine result pages by making tricky techniques.

Blackhat SEO is consists of same color or hidden elements in it.

One thing is very obvious and obligatory
Specialized is that Blackhat SEO is alway a short term process and it is for short term success.

However whitehat SEO is for lifetime and focused on genuine content creation and developing a broad user base.

Whitehat SEO can be defined as a process of optimization which involves techniques by following guidelines by the search engines.

The Following is an Comprehensive Description of Better SEO Techniques:

• Creating a website which contains full of relevant keywords text and phrases be used by different search queries. It consists of more relevant keywords in the metatags of that website.

• Making substantial and unique title tags for each webpage. It can be helpful for search engines to understand better that the content of the page unique.

• The creation of media content for example ezines, medium or newsletters to to maintain a gateway of inbound links.

• Search engine saturation level (Quantity of websites pages have been indexed by search engine. It indicates good quality of optimization efforts which makes site visible and accessible ) should be maintained at high level and regularly update or perform comparisons with competitors website.

• Always use Google trends and Google analytics to understand the behavior of visitors and also what is trending on the internet.

• Always include search phrases and insert them in the first paragraph or first hundred words of the content.

• Always make sure to insert a backlink from websites.

• Make sure that the use of canonical metatag or 301 directs to achieve URL normalization in case of multi URL webpages.

• Crosslink between pages of the same site. Which is also called as internal links.

• Providing maximum number of links to the main pages of the website.

• Using other websites to link back to the original website.

• Including a mixture of keywords and keyphrases in conjunction with brand/business being promoted.

Content Creation as an SEO Technique

Best SEO Techniques in 2020

The basic of whitehat SEO is content creation which core technique to all these SEO forms

Without creating content that adds value or relevance and some of uniqueness, no website will achieve the optimal performance.

All these terms should be come in a whole bunch of content, because visitors will gonna consume it after an initial scanning process.

Linkbait is the the technique where whitehat SEO depends upon. In which content is shared on a large scale to get backlinks.

Nowadays the advanced SEO is dependent on on the visitors and so that content plays a key role in SEO.

So if you want to improve ranking of your website you need to create useful and informative content, which will inform search engines that you are adding value and in the same way you can attract visitors.

The last technique that should be explained in this series is the greyhat SEO, which is conjunction between Whitehat and Blackhat SEO

These all are the SEO techniques, if you follow the guidelines and the parameters of the search engines you will never have a risk of being penalized or disapproved.

A common example of greyhat SEO is the creation of micro sites or micro niche sites which are run by the same webmaster, and then linked back to the parent site which has the same intention of optimization.

SEO as a Marketing Strategy for Business.

Best SEO Techniques in 2020

Implementation of SEO in marketing strategy for businesses is one of the most important aspect for entrepreneurs.

In today’s competition of the businesses, on internet, businesses needs to have a better rankings and visibility for visitors for the success of a business.

A simple way to understand this is to think of the internet as a network of roads and the search engines being the main highways through which drivers navigate their route and discover places that have something to offer them.

The search results on search engines say it be Google or Yahoo! or Bing are like sign boards on a highway – they show you what is where and give you access to places you might not even know that are existed.

There is an old saying in philosophy, which can be explained something like this: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?

This can be relevant to the internet marketing.

A creator could provide a very beautiful, effective, reliable, relevant and user-friendly website which offers a comprehensive content that is in demand.

But if there is no way for consumers or you can say users or visitors to know about it and find access to it, it is like that provebs tree which falls in a forest without making a sound.

Thus, when we connect this with the e- commerce business, traffic is the main source of income of a business’s
success on the web.

Whether you are providing information or selling your products or services on your website, the visitors are more likely to convert into the the customer when they find your page, they will be your frequent visitor and become your prospective customers.

By the means of previous proverb make as much as sound as possible, search engine optimization is a good way to make your relationship grow with the search engines as much as possible.

Investing in SEO is quickly becoming an integral part of the marketing strategy of businesses, with the other ways, which takes most of the marketing budget, such as advertisements, sponsorship, endorsements, social media marketing etc.

The reason for this is very simple – experience.

Investment in SEO pays off and businesses/organizations have tested significant results popularity and increase in revenue after making SEO as a part of their marketing strategy.

However there is a drawback in this too. Becoming too much reliable on SEO to increase traffic and revenue is not an easy task by the way because search engines are in a constant process of changing their algorithms and reinventing their system of crawling and ranking.

So there is the requirement of constant vigilance and analysis, when we use SEO as marketing tool.

But the pros are more than the cons, which is why statistics and trends in e- commerce are starting to show up the effectiveness of SEO as a marketing instrument .

For example, in the year 2012 we saw in Digital Marketing, Search engine marketing owning half of that market share, which is $150 million.

This indicates that the the search engines are the most important sources to attract customers for the businesses.

That is clear now that if a website is not optimized well in search engines will lose half of its potential traffic.

Moreover, search engine optimization is a part of digital marketing, and it covers the the other part of Digital Marketing, such as social media marketing and ppc paid marketing.

SEO helps you creating landing pages for your website that directly affects the outcome of ppc advertising or social media marketing, when we do paid advertising.

It is said that social media send some social signals that could affect search engines while deciding rankings, when we do social media marketing.

So that this might be the the case, when we look up for the certain queries when we use search engines, we see the results from social media sites, specifically from those accounts which are popular with lots of regular activities and many followers.

Therefore, most of the time we see the results from Wikipedia, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media networks ranked high in the search result page, which already indicates the fact that social media marketing is also the very good form of improving the visibility and ranking of the websites, which has the same goal as SEO does.

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