Dipak Dangewar

Hello, I am Dipak Dangewar. Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Speaker.

Founder Of Digital Monkey Institute of Digital Marketing & Agency www.thedigitalmonkey.in

 I  Have 10+ Years of Experience As a Digital Marketing specialist, Connecting with Influencers, As a Content Writer, As a Video Editor, As a Youtuber, As a Blogger.

 As A Digital Marketing Consultant i Helped and guided 100’s of students gain mastery in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, I have also interacted with many other influencer’s to create content and for collaboration, Trained 100’s of Digital Marketing enthusiast, Helped many Clients to grow faster on the online platform.

 I Startetd Brainopaedia.com As a Blog website which will cover all the information and knowledge about Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Web Analytics, Business, Marketing, Technology and Many other informative topics.

Hope you guys enjoy the content.

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[email protected]

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